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Suzette Cotto, CEO

About us - Suzette Cotto, founder, and CEO of Innovate Social Media

Suzette Cotto, founder and CEO, was an integral part of engineering, provisioning and project managing Internet fiber optic circuitry and wireless transmission antennas for a number of start-up Internet Service Providers and hardware technology companies.  She was responsible for managing the hosting of client servers, creating some of the first commercial Virtual Private Networks and collaborating on internet connectivity internationally and with some of the largest consumer websites [Victoria's Secret, MTV, AOL].

She took her technology background to creating vital pathways of communication for surgical and sterilization equipment installation [IoT], serving the biotechnology, medical, government and life sciences industries. 

Website design was added to her arsenal in 2003, and mastering Social Media as a business application in 2011. In 2015, she joined Constant Contact as an Area Local Expert. What company wouldn't want that plethora of digital knowledge she brings as a business partner?

Suzette is passionate about marketing and helping companies grow with strategy and seamless implementation. She is a customer relationship management expert and works with marketing and sales organizations to develop their knowledge of social platforms as networking, prospecting, lead generation and CRM tools.

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Bella, CSO (Chief Smile Officer)

About us - Suzette Cotto, founder, and CEO of Innovate Social MediaBella believes that everyone in the world should have a fined-tuned, well-planned business growth strategy and integrated marketing plan that delivers business to your doorstep. She knows that having to worry less about your business makes you smile. She's a great listener and loves a good belly scratch. 

Taylor Blakely, Manager – IT and Web Design

About us - Suzette Cotto, founder, and CEO of Innovate Social MediaTaylor is the "Millenial" you want working for you. He's a technology geek and loves to solve problems. He has a number of programming languages under his belt like Python and C++ as well as WordPress and Adobe Dreamweaver for website design.  

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