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There are rules when it comes to search engine ranking, complicated by algorithms. SEO Companies that push selling AdWords won't tell you what those rules are, they just charge you money promising your website will rank 1st on Google. If you're in a business with a crowd of competitors, you can bet anyone coming showing up in the first through fourth position on Google is paying out the nose for AdWords. You may try this strategy for a few months hoping for website traffic that leads to sales, but if your marketing budget is like most, it won't prove to be effective.  The CAC or Customer Acquisition Cost is just too high.

There are things you can incorporate into your website marketing strategy that will create better search results organically, getting you more traffic for your marketing dollars. 

Search engine optimization is knowing what search engines like to see incorporated into a website and making sure those things are happening.  Innovate Social Media creates an SEM, or Search Engine Marketing strategy, for your website with strategic content and key words and fixes crawl errors that cause search engines to bounce from your site. Our free diagnostic report will tell you what can be fixed right now to help you get where you need to be and outrank your competition. 

Let us help you create a winning long-term strategy for your internet marketing and help customers FIND YOU!