The New Sales Funnel for Marketers Infographic


Bottom to Top – The New Sales Funnel Model for Consultants and Business Services – [Download the PDF Infographic]

Attached is an example of a sales funnel infographic which has a bottom to top dynamic flow. On the left is your company value propositions to prospects who don’t know you. On the right are prospect and client responses and expectations. This model is a helpful tool for consultants and business services, but also helps anyone understand the basic process flow of lead nurturing messaging which should be planned and predictive.

Steps for Lead Generation and Conversion

  1. The “Attraction” process is trust building with prospects. [BOTTOM]
  2. The “Conversion” process turns prospects into leads
  3. The “Close” or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process keeps clients engaged.
  4. The “Appreciation” process turns clients into advocates. [TOP]

Use a Planning Process

For those business owners who have not had any formal business education or marketing training, the infographic process is more of the “how” rather than the “why” of marketing to prospects. No matter what you do with your business, it is always smart to create a plan and process flow that identifies goals with respect to conversions and if you’re reaching those goals.

A written business plan with a written marketing plan will be